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Hello, all you horror lovers! Today I’m writing to introduce a new feature on the blog: the possibility for you to publish your reviews!

I could write continuously, but unfortunately, the time I have available is limited, and I’m extremely picky when it comes to recommending films here on Horrornauta. So, I’d like to give a voice to those who already have something juicy to recommend (be it films, books, or places to visit).

Being my readers, I’m sure you already have an idea of the kind of horror we feature here on Horrornauta. We like things that are unsettling, disturbing, and maybe even thought-provoking.

There are no “specific rules” for the reviews to be published because I don’t follow any when I write them. Generally, I speak openly about the film (with spoilers), I like to look for meanings, interpretations, and reflections, often with a touch of irony, so I often delve into these aspects.

Please keep in mind that not all reviews will be published. I will make an effort to thoroughly read your content and evaluate whether it fits the blog. All reviews will feature your name and profile as the author.

I will take care of selecting the images, optimizing the content, and all the other tedious tasks related to publishing an article. There might be some minor content edits for indexing purposes, but nothing will be drastically altered.

So, for all those interested, feel free to write to me at: hello@horrornauta.it attaching your review and a few words about yourself!

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Lorena | Horrornauta.it

I like unusual horror, the kind that gets under your skin and scares you because it's realistic. The anxiety of watching something that, all things considered, could easily appear in the real world. Email me at hello@horrornauta.it.

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